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Guided Inner Journey Experience

Inner Journey Experiences are guided meditations to support you in building your relationship with the Divine.  These are the building blocks for connecting with spirit guides and teachers who will work with you as you move into deeper aspects of growth and healing. 

These are small group offerings, limited to 6 people.  The hour long experience consists of an opening ritual, guided meditation, time for individual journaling/reflection, opportunity to share, and a brief closing.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat, journal, and eye pillow (if desired).

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Journey to a Safe and Sacred Place in Nature

Saturday, June1st 10am-11am

68 Jay Street #528

$20-$45 exchange No one will be turned away and if alternative payment arrangements are needed please reach out.

All cultures have a history of communing with nature and learning from the inherent wisdom within.  On this journey, you will be guided into use your active imagination to transport you deep within the earth, leaning in to her Divine trustworthiness, to connect with your unique, safe, and scared place in nature.

Information for the exchange will be provided upon receipt of registration email.Registration closes 24 hours prior to the start of the experience.

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